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It may appear to be a tad bit exaggerated but the profession of interior designing is over 15 years old in Bangalore. It is beyond the simple act of decorating walls and corners of a house or workplace. It has evolved to become a highly specialized area that requires years of study and experience.

The growth and development in this field soon progressed on a more global level, placing interior design and Joinery in close association with health, safety, and welfare of individuals.

Several categories of design then came up like the Home Interiors & Joinery Works, We specialized in wood crafting and Luxury interiors design and development.

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Art of Creative Design and Construction". Our aim is to be a recognized leader in innovative ideas, creative design and valuable solutions for the development of healthy communities and workplaces.


To inspire and create great interior designs and materials for the industry.


we have always spread smiles and contentment amongst our many clients. With Kartini in action, you can always expect us to surpass your expectations. We value every penny spent by our clients and deliver the best a budget can offer.